Friday, September 14, 2018

Thank you notes

Sometime in the Spring, we were riding bikes to school one morning when Owen had a pretty big sidewalk crash. I ran to him and before I even looked back up from him, another Mom from the school who had seen him fall was already out of her car with bandaids in her hand, ready to help. Every time I see this sweet friend I think of this little kindness. 

Last week one day we were riding home from school when Owen's chain slipped (or something like that...) and his feet were pedaling and pedaling but he wasn't going anywhere. Another friend driving home with her kids noticed, pulled over,  and jumped right out to offer help. So while I hurried ahead to catch up to Porter, she loaded Owen's bike into her car and drove Owen home. 

Thank you friends for watching out for my kiddos and for stopping when they needed a little help.