Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Our little garden

This was going to be called 'our poor garden', but then I went outside to get a quick picture and there were so many lovely little spots out there that I felt like I couldn't really call it names :)

This year each of the kids had their own garden box to take care of and work on each day. And they were super at going out there each morning all summer long, but still our plants have kind of  really struggled! Jordan kept mentioning that they looked like they could use some more water, and I kept telling him "I know the kids are watering every day" Then around back to school time Owen got into the conversation and mentioned something like 'Oh, I just water mine for about 1 second each day.'

And amazingly, in the 2 weeks since I took over everyone's boxes for back-to-school time, all of our plants have started to grow!  (You were right dear!)

I suspect that it will probably freeze before we do ever get any veggies (though I'm rooting for that tiny pumpkin up there!) But our empty harvest summer meant that we've enjoyed zucchini and other extras shared from our neighbors!

Also, our tomatoes have been great (Porter and I shared that box ;) and that's our favorite garden veggie anyway. We've also had one cucumber (that we enjoyed last night with falafel), and a few happy sunflowers too.

I almost think with it's super-slow growing this year that it was kind of even more magical for Porter - with a "Look, Mom! You have to come see!" along with each tiny bit of growth.  So thank you little garden for giving us these sweet little celebrations!