Friday, September 14, 2018

Little things lately

(From Rocky Canyon in Provo in the Spring)

Porter figured out how snapping works, and spent a full day practicing off and on, and by evening he was a pro. Isaac is starting to get the hang of his little scooter, and if it's time to come inside the scooter often comes too. All the kids have been doing great at their piano practice (which is always tough at the beginning of school!) I made cream puffs this week and for the first time ever, they stayed puffy. The kids have been racing to see how quickly they can finish their morning jobs, and it's exciting to not be the one nudging them along! (This morning I was leaving really early for my SCC meeting, and they were already ready to go and playing a game of Stratego!)  Owen and Porter are getting started in soccer again. And as Isaac was falling asleep at nap time today, there was a lot of jostling coming from his tent, then he said "Somersault!" so I suppose that goes along with practicing too :)


Ellie's been loving to read the Harry Potter books and spent about five hours on Sunday curled up with the third book. Porter's learning with the Sam Books, and getting more interested as we go along.  Owen and Porter take turns choosing what to listen to at bedtime between Frog and Toad and Magic Treehouse. Jordan and I started reading Funny in Farsi together, and this morning at the last minute I got to host our book group and talk about it (such a fun book). Earlier this month, I managed to get 3 books in a row that were really disappointing so I've been really happy with each good book since! The other day Landon said something 'you know like in Treasure Island...' and when I told him I hadn't read it he couldn't believe it - "You haven't read Treasure Island?!" I always thought I'd read along with my kids as they found new books, but it has been years since I realized I'd never keep up with Landon :)


I've been riding the kids to school whenever I can, which means three bike trips to the school and back each day (morning/kindergarten/afternoon). Jordan has been riding with Landon and friends to school on their late start days. And he and Landon have been doing lots of long training rides getting ready for Bike the Bear coming up. Jordan took the little boys on a quick kayaking trip after school this week. And Landon's been having fun running some mornings too. Ellie and Owen are getting stronger and stronger biking up the Lee's hill, and Ellie will come home red faced and tired and say "That was a fun ride!" (Yay Ellie!) And I'm sticking with my morning walks with the little boys for company.