Friday, September 28, 2018

Five things on Friday

1. Isaac loves to be soft to Momma (like this picture).  Sometimes when I'm setting him down for a nap, I'll scoot him into his little tent, and he'll climb back out "one more time soft". 

2. I sat outside this afternoon while he napped and worked on a sample for our Art of the Month Club project, and it was just lovely. (We open the windows and cool our house down in the evenings, but these days, it's cool enough all day that the chill kind of sticks around, so the warm sun in the afternoon feels just perfect!)

3. I turn on some kids music most days while we're eating lunch (Hap Palmer on Pandora). And while the boys eat, I'll sing along "If you're happy and you know it..." or "Row, row, row your boat" and do whatever little dance goes along with the songs. And Isaac often climbs off his stool (sometimes Porter too) to join in. And lunch takes a minute or two longer and it's such a happy little time before Porter goes to kindergarten.

4. I listened to a conversation with Shannan Martin this afternoon while I was working on my project out here (I love her!) And I kept thinking 'I bet she'll be quoted in conference next weekend' :) (Maybe not, but I feel like her thoughts have helped me better understand how I should be ministering)

5. Today, our house has been quiet. Yesterday, we had a steady stream of visitors coming and going from morning till bedtime. And it was a happily full, busy kind of day. Play dates and babysitting and rides home and quick stops in and out and dinner with Jen's family and my Mom... (Also, I was grateful I took the 5 minutes first thing in the morning to clean the kids bathroom ;)