Friday, September 7, 2018

Food Friday

Earlier this week, Jordan and I were talking and thinking about the possibility of just the two of us going out to New York this Fall (I'm not ready to leave our kiddos, but even considering it was a big step!) Besides the experience of an extended date with Jordan, two things were most compelling -- first was just the feel -New York City in the Fall! (the best!) Second was the food (ha!) We could pick up lunch from the Halal Guys street cart, one of those best ever peanut butter cookies with the fudge inside from that one bakery, and try one of everything from Amy's Bread (above)... 

And here are few other fun food things I'm enjoying right now: 

+ I got Jordan these little fried egg ring things a few years ago, and every time I use them (like for my lunch a few minutes ago) I think how cool they are :)

+ My favorite lunch lately( a couple times a week) is a super quick huevos rancheros-ish thing: corn tortillas with cheese toasted on the griddle while a fried egg cooks, and a tiny bit of salsa + avocado slices. 

+ When I was a senior in high school, I once visited Jenny in the dorms and her roommate was making dinner - a BLT on whole wheat bread, cut in triangle halves with orange slices as a side. And so when I went to college the next year, I'd sometimes make myself BLT's on whole wheat bread, cut in triangle halves with orange slices on the side and I felt so grown up.  My kids all complain when we have BLT's, but I still think it's the best dinner to have with garden tomatoes!

+ When we were in Victoria last summer, we got some currant curry hummus from the farmer's market and it was so great that we went back and got it again the next weekend too. And I've still been thinking about it all this time, so this week I finally tried to make some by just mixing in some curry and currants to our favorite store-bought hummus. And it was great! Not perfect, but still really fun to try again!