Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Through the summer, our neighbor Paul has been working on building a big rock waterfall feature in their front yard. When he first got started moving some of the giant rocks into place, Jordan went over for an afternoon to help. This of course led to all the little boys going over to 'help'.  At some point, Isaac was handed a little half-size shovel and he knew he was really a part of this job. For the rest of the summer, every time he'd see Paul out working, he'd be quick to run over and join in. 

They've finished the waterfall, but we still always know where to look first for Isaac.  "Helping!" he'll tell me emphatically each time I walk him back to our house (almost every day).  Yesterday we'd just gotten home and were prepping to leave again in a minute which turned into more than a minute before we realized with a moment of panic 'where's Isaac?' Of course he was over helping, and enjoying a popsicle with his favorite next door neighbors.