Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Labor Day Weekend

+ Landon's working on his cycling merit badge and getting ready for "Bike the Bear" - a 50 mile ride around Bear Lake next month. On Saturday, he and Jordan went for a 25 mile ride, ending at Lee's for breakfast. By the time they finished, he was still feeling energetic so he rode up the hills home, then looped around our neighborhood again and again to complete another 10 mile ride. It's been so fun seeing him getting more excited about biking! (And it helped that this weekend he got to try out his new road bike too! :)

+ After they got home, I biked to the farmers market and picked up peaches and nectarines and patty pan squash and pears. 

+ We've had a round of colds this past week, and poor Ellie was pretty sick for most of the weekend (plus two nights in a row up sick - Jordan took the first night and I took the next...seriously how did we survive the sleepless night years??)

+ I stayed home from church with Ellie and Isaac on Sunday. I was very grateful for Owen's nice teachers so quickly and happily agreeing to teach my class too. And it was so fun to see Ellie and Isaac together for the morning. They were sick, but not miserable so they played quietly together while I cleaned up the kitchen, then Ellie and I did some drawing videos while Isaac played and wandered in and out, and then they played magnatiles together some more while I got lunch ready... I wished I could go to church, but still it was just a nice and calm, happy morning. 

+ Sunday afternoon while Isaac napped and Ellie rested we played Agricola with the boys and it was just fun - Porter was learning to play and everyone was being a good sport and it was just a nice afternoon.

+  Monday we all rode to Kneaders for a breakfast/lunch (after a late start getting out the door!) then had a calm afternoon of checking things off our project/to-do list. (Mostly Jordan did this actually while I mostly recovered from the rough night before!)

+ And we ended the weekend with a fun labor day BBQ at Jen & Jeremiah's!

+ Also, this cute collage popped up on my phone from our Labor Day weekend two years ago -- A camping trip with baby Isaac!