Monday, September 10, 2018

Farmer's Market Magic

Saturday morning blooms next to Logan's downtown Farmer's Market 
I went to the Farmer's Market a few weekends ago in search of apricots, and had such fun picking out fruits and veggies (and cookies) with the kids, that I've tried to go back the past few Saturdays too. This weekend, as I was heading out the door, Owen called out to me excitedly "Will you bring us back some fruit?!" (Of course!) So we've been eating all the peaches we can, plus plums and nectarines too :)

Last week, I asked around all the veggie stands, looking for the sunflower sprouts I'd gotten a few weeks ago. When I found the woman, she hadn't brought any that day, but she said "Oh, I'll grow some for you this week!" And she did! It felt like magic to show up on Saturday morning this weekend and see those sunflower sprouts made-to-order and ready for me! (Especially because I'd asked her how to grow them and the process sounded much more complicated than I'd imagined... I'm guessing if I tried it a few times I could get the hang of it, but it was much more magical for them to just appear there for me!)

Hooray for these yummy finds!