Thursday, March 7, 2019

At last

Last year, we had this big kid's group in our neighborhood where we'd each take a turn watching the kids for a couple hours one day a week and then have 6 weeks or so in between with a free morning while the kids played at another house.  At one of these kid swap days, Porter made bath bombs at a friends house and thought it was so fun. Since then, he has been so excited to make them at home. It had been so long, and I needed some motivation to make it happen so I even got Porter some bath bomb molds as a stocking stuffer, and made sure we had all the ingredients in the cupboard. Somehow though it still felt so hard to set aside time to make them!

Finally, finally,  today we made them! We had an empty calendar day (hooray!) and a friend over playing with Isaac (till we started and they both wanted to join in too :)

And it was very fun, and also so silly that it took me a year to get to it since it was about a 15 minute process from start to finish (including finding the bath bomb molds from all the places they'd been over the last few months).

I'd like to say that I learned my lesson to just do the things I'm always tempted to put off, especially with the kids.  But I kind of know that the dreaded "we'll see" will probably continue... maybe I'll remember how simple this was though and do a little better?  It sure does feel nice to have finished this fun little to-do at last!