Friday, March 1, 2019

happy Friday, happy March!

Yesterday, the kids celebrated Baby Day (have I written about that? I'll have to more sometime.  I heard one of the kids yesterday explaining to one of their friends why we had a tissue box taped to the wall labeled in sharpie with Isaac's Baby Day Mailbox.

"Isaac was born on the last day of the month, so every last day of the month we celebrate baby day. So Porter made that for him today." I loved that it was as straightforward as that - like, of course - it's baby day, that's just how it is!

It has been a busy week. Almost every night I've left Jordan with some or all of the kids and come home before bed to find the kitchen clean, most or all the kids in bed - thank you dear Jordan! And also I'm ready for some quieter evenings to come.

Also, it has been lovely outside (except a bit of dreary grayness yesterday, but then it turned into such a beautiful evening!)  -- today is just a beautiful blue sky, fluffy clouds, warm sunshine day -- a perfect welcome to March!