Friday, March 8, 2019

Writing Contest

Landon stopped by his 6th grade English teacher's room that day to pick up her personal copies of the books so he could get them signed by the author for her (Hooray for good teachers like this who make such a great impression!)

Last year, Landon was super excited to write a story (in Portuguese) for the young writers & artists festival at school. He was even more excited when his story was accepted and he was invited to go the activity, but then at the last minute we booked flights to New York (then found out within a few days that the writing fest was happening while we were gone!) 

This year, he wrote a great Choose Your Own Adventure book for this ("The Winter Campout"), and he'll be going to the writer's fest next week!

He also submitted his story to a young writers contest they held at the North Logan Library, and he was chosen as a finalist in the middle school category! Last week, we got to go the celebration. All of the writers sat on a panel, and answered questions about their work asked by author Tyler Whitesides. And this author was so fantastic -- every time he asked one of the kids a question, he also mentioned something detailed and specific that he loved about the story that person wrote. It was really impressive, and what a gift to these kids! 

Landon's friend even came along for the evening which made it that much more of a celebration for him.  Yay for Landon and yay for great opportunities like this!