Friday, March 29, 2019

happy weekend

Jordan offered Porter a prize if he could build a magna-tile tower all the way from the floor to the ceiling - and after a couple mornings of working and re-working (and tape!) he proudly completed the challenge yesterday :)

Ellie had extra orchestra rehearsals this week and a school performance, so this morning she was feeling done with school. Fortunately, it's the last day before our Spring break! I still need to come up with a few fun plans for early next week to enjoy the time with these kiddos all being home - I've been excited for these days. 

This weekend is also the beginning of a busy month-full of company and travels. I've been working on getting things organized and tidied up a bit... I remember that things always seem to move at a faster pace once we get back from Spring Break, so combined with some family events too, hopefully we'll get through the busy-ness calmly and happily!

Happy weekend!