Tuesday, March 5, 2019

cello performance

Last week I got to take Ellie and her friends to an orchestra rehearsal before their evening concert. Before I went to find my seat, I was just delighted to watch Ellie and the other girls pulling out their instruments and the accessories they might need, getting their cellos and violins tuned, finding their music... seeing them all spread out in their little corner made me think of that famous painting (by Degas) where the dancers are just finishing preparing and lacing up their shoes - such a sweet capture of those getting-ready moments. If I could I would paint that little corner of the room with the cellos and violin cases and instruments spread out and the girls excitedly getting everything ready, for now I'll enjoy my little waterlogue app "painting" :)

And I loved her concert too. Jordan was on call for work so he needed to be home to keep tabs on things, and he kindly kept all the boys home too. So I just got this very fun evening out. I ate dinner and listened to a fun podcast and read a book while they rehearsed, and then I got to just sit and watch and listen to them perform too. What a treat!

This morning was "parents day" for orchestra - Landon took care of the boys (since Jordan starts work early) and Ellie and I were out the door by 6:45 (yay for Ellie doing this twice a week!) The kids got to show off some of their songs and their 'perfect position' holding their instruments and bows, and they even got a turn switching roles and teaching the parents a little song too. Ellie was super excited about this (even more so than for her concerts) so I was happy to be able to make it work out to go.  (Also, their teacher is fantastic! I feel like we are pretty lucky for the kids to have this opportunity!)