Monday, March 25, 2019

fashion design via magna-tiles

I just loved this project of Ellie's on last week's Friday off from school -- a closet full of dresses designed with magna-tiles :)

Also this weekend:
+ Rainy days and lots of Stake Conference meetings (which were really great. Jordan also helped to keep all the technology running smoothly through all of the meetings), and some calm time in between.
+ Some planning and brainstorming on making a basketball (and pickle ball??) court in the backyard...
+ Ellie's first on her own babysitting (while Jordan, Landon & I were all at a Stake Conference meeting) + her first time changing a diaper (!!) with Owen as her very helpful partner.
+ An evening run for Jordan on a familiar route he likes -- up across the Bonnevile trail to first dam and then back home.
+ A Studio C Pizza movie party
+ Sunday family study and some board game time for Jordan and the kids