Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Girls Night Out

a pile of flower decorations from our Girls Night Out (I'll have to write more about these because they were so fun to make!)

Last night for Young Women's we had a "Girls Night Out" party with some of the ladies in the ward too. We met last week to make plans and I got things ready during the week, and managed to feel a lot of stress even though I knew in my head it was no big deal... still I was so grateful for help from the other Young Women's leaders. One of them just had surgery and I volunteered to take dinner over. When I arrived and she had a pile of decorations, lots of encouragement and ideas, and more offers to help I realized how silly and small my little dinner was compared to all the help she was giving me! (It reminded me of this favorite instagram post that I still think of so often - "How are we going to trade money - that don't make sense!")

We had a fun, simple evening - the girls came early and did a great job setting up and decorating, then we had a little photo booth, snacks & 'would you rather' questions, a "best" chocolate chip cookie contest and a very funny game of charades. And it was so fun to sit with some of the women I don't usually get to talk with much and get to know them a little better too.