Tuesday, March 12, 2019

from Hobby Lobby

Three fun things from a Hobby Lobby trip last week:

1. I feel like I'm pretty practiced at giving a quick 'no' when the kids ask for pretty much anything at the store. (Except fruits or veggies - then I'm excited to say yes.) I'd answered lots of those no's to Isaac's requests through the store (giant basketball-sized plastic Easter eggs? nope.) As I was picking up some felt, Issac had grabbed this little rhinoceros from the clearance shelf behind me, and asked again "Can we buy this? Can we take it to our house?" He was so excited about it that instead of such a quick no, I asked "What would we do with that rhinoceros?" He looked at it lovingly and gave it an almost-hug and said as sweetly as can be "Say good morning to it!" And we are now the proud owners of a great little rhino :)

2. Years ago, I designed some cute little deer fabric to make into some cute little bowties for the zoo gift shop (here - and look at that cute little Owen!) and it was so fun to spot such a similar design right on the fabric bolts of Hobby Lobby! Not exactly the same, but the same white on grey and everything!

3. And I just thought that swirly picture was so pretty, and I just finished a fun online watercolor class so it made me think - I could make that! (coming soon?)