Friday, March 22, 2019


With parent teacher conferences earlier this week, the kids have the day off today. We're almost to lunch time and so far today we've had:

- early morning wii time
- morning jobs
- blueberry muffin making by Ellie
- Brazilian dinner planning by Landon (for the service auction)
- Piano lessons for Landon, Ellie & Owen
- this cute playing (above) by Owen and Porter (still happening and I love the sound so much!)
- magnatile creations by all (still going and I love this too!)
- rainbow loom creations by Ellie
- coxinha prep by Landon + friends
- renewing library books by Debbie ('oh, those were all actually do on the 12th...')
- snow on the ground, and a morning of Springtime rain melting it all away

Happy Friday!