Tuesday, March 26, 2019

New School

This afternoon is the groundbreaking for our new school, and despite the balloons on and around the tractors and 'diggers' out in the fields, it feels like a sad day to me! Change is hard for me! And as I sat in on the meetings with architects over the last year or so, it was hard to accept how wonderful the new open concept plan, the bright light-filled rooms, the learning centers and collaboration hallways would be when I already have so many sweet memories of this (admittedly) old building.

When we first moved to Logan, we'd drive by this way and I'd point across the field to 4-year-old Landon in the backseat - "that's where you're going to go to school next year!" On his first day of kindergarten, I had this image in my mind of walking Landon to school, but then I could only leave the kids for so long with Jordan on his lunch break so we drove partway and parked just a block or so from the school so I could walk him that last block!  2 1/2 hours later, I stood outside the kindergarten doors with the other parents, feeling very much like my own first day of school as I started out this new part of life as a mom of school-aged children!

It will be an interesting few years for these kiddos -- we'll have a year of construction (starting now -those fields are just about  to be completely fenced off for crews to begin!) then a year in the new building with another school using the old building (while their school is rebuilt), then (the part the kids are excited for, wrecking balls and all!) a farewell to this old building!