Thursday, March 28, 2019


One day in middle school, my friend Kjerstin and I realized our ride was not coming any time soon, and we decided to walk the two miles or so home together. She showed me the forest near where she used to live and we sang this little song that I think she made up as we walked up the hill toward our neighborhood.  And I was a little upset to have been forgotten at school, but grateful for the adventure and to have really made a friend. And still  every time I think of Spring this song is the first thing I think of!

Some Spring fun from the last week or so :
Our neighbor made this spinner, and always pulls it out for the kids to play on when it warms up each year
"Porter, that's too high and  I'm feeling worried, will you come down lower?" "Okay, but will you take a picture first?"
Groundbreaking ceremony at the school (funny thing -they scooped up that dirt from the edge of the field and brought it over for the ceremony, then scooped it back up after school! :)
Front yard cello practice (with the bob for a music stand)
Ellie and I made this trellis for our garden with some branches pruned from the apple tree (a fun idea from our neighbor!)
Morning cheerios on the front porch  ("I need gloves!")
A family bike ride adventure yesterday - we rode to Taco Time/Old Grist Mill then had a picnic dinner at Whittier park, and stopped at Aggie Ice Cream for the kids on the way home.

Porter's under-the-rock wiggly-worm discovery. These cute brothers spent the morning yesterday finding, collecting, and watching box elder bugs, roll-poly bugs and big and little wiggly worms :)