Thursday, March 21, 2019

Watercolor class

I just finished a great online watercolor class that I've been working on over the last several weeks, and these are all the fun things I painted! With Isaac napping while Porter is in kindergarten, I've had a little more free time this school year. And with my newer medication, I've also had more energy and have just felt better in general which has been so exciting!

This class was the perfect thing because whenever I had the time & energy, I could just grab my little watercolor supply box and a cup of water and get to work! And since I was following a specific course, I didn't have to spend any time deciding what to make which I really liked too. Not everything turned out wonderfully, but some things did (I love that lemon and that pear and the tiny little Spring bunting and the leftover paint dashes :)

I felt like I learned a lot about how watercolors work, and it was great to try some different types of things. And I'm excited to keep practicing! I made the 'thank you' wreath of flowers on my own a few weeks after I'd finished that other flower picture with the video, and I felt like just that second try was so much better than the first!  (Here's the class I took - and she has been doing a great daily watercolor project on instagram that I've loved too!)