Thursday, March 14, 2019


San Francisco Fall 2018
Last week I  read a sweet blog with thoughts on the new Mo Willems book, Because (I even ordered the book which came earlier this week and I love it!)  and on her own "because" and how the course of her life was changed by one high school decision. And it reminded me of my own "because" story that I've often thought about. 

As seniors in high school, my best friend Karisty and I were thrilled to be making plans for our time at BYU together. We'd been through the Honors and AP classes together, the extracurricular clubs and activities, the college applications, and the exciting acceptance letters.  I'd be working for her mom in the Engineering &Technology advisement center and we'd be starting our college lives rooming together. We watched for the opening day of Heritage Halls housing applications, and with help from her mom turned in our applications together the moment we could.

I'd looked forward for years to the new start college would bring me - to be on my own! making my own choices! living my own life! I couldn't have been more ready. Somewhere along the way, I realized that I really wanted and needed my own space - even from my best friend. I can remember how terrified I was to make the call to let her know I didn't want to room together after all. But that moment mattered.

Because I made that so-hard phone call, instead of rooming with a best friend from high school, I moved into Heritage Halls and met my new room-roommate Laura, who became a rest-of-my-life friend.

Laura and me at Alta  (and the couch slipcovers that we couldn't agree on ;)

Because I met Laura, I also met Cassie, Andrea, and Jenn who we moved to Alta with after our freshman year of college.

The cheer squad at one of Andrea's marathons (in St. George?)
Because I moved to Alta, I met so many other friends who helped me learn how and who I wanted to be.

One of my favorite pictures -- our friend Kelda & Jordan at Alta
And Because I moved to Alta, I met Jordan! (Who made the great call of becoming great friends with some of my best friends! :)

And Because one sweet night Jordan asked me to marry him, I said yes!

And Because I said yes, we were married and had 5 dear children and have a wonderful family and life together!

(And it was obvious as I searched through my old shoebox of pictures for those college pics --- there were of course so many other little bits and pieces, big and little moments of 'because' along the way too!)